Function Point Welcomes Lucia Kwok as Director of Customer Experience

July 5, 2021

Function Point Welcomes Lucia Kwok as Director of Customer Experience

By Function Point

Function Point is pleased to announce Lucia Kwok as Director of Customer Experience.

In this new role, as part of Function Point’s leadership team, Lucia will be responsible for crafting an exceptional customer experience, leading the support teams in creating onboarding and customer success journeys that will delight our Function Point customers.

Lucia brings with her more than 20 years of customer and technology experience, from pre-sales to delivery, to support and renewal. Her areas of expertise include developing customer partnerships, success goals and metrics, training and enabling teams, and developing processes and playbooks. Prior to Function Point, Lucia served in Customer Success for seven (7) years at Trapeze Group, where she helped build the team and define the customer success coverage model, onboarding, and training.

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Lucia during my time at Trapeze and can say with great certainty that her vast experience and unique ability to cultivate meaningful relationships with customers will be valuable assets for Function Point,” said Bobby Floujeh, General Manager of Function Point.

“I am thrilled to be joining Bobby and the Function Point team,” said Lucia. “I’m passionate about people success – customers and my team – and I aim to earn their trust by being transparent with my actions and communications. Function Point’s core values align with this, and I see the positive impacts Bobby has made culturally with employees since he took on the leadership. Prioritizing employee engagement lays a foundation that leads to customer success, this is the type of blueprint that energizes me and I thrive on, to the benefit of the customers.”

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