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Our Team


Function Point has been founded on values of personal development, respect and having a great life. We’re fully present, we’re engaged and we’re all interacting. Through our relationships, we’re helping creative thinkers around the globe be more profitable, more productive and we’re helping them achieve their goals. It’s the people that make up the DNA of Function Point.

Bobby Floujeh

General Manager


Jimmy Wu

Director of Sales & Marketing


Damian Da Silva

Director of Finance


Sophia Wilson

Manager, Customer Experience


Miro Vujicic

Product Manager


Jenny Ly

Account Executive


Johnny Zhang

Lead, Software Developer Engineer


Craig Ford

Director, Software Engineering


Jess Bird

Customer Success Manager


Simón Cárdenas

DevOps Engineer


Paul Lin

Senior, Software Development Engineer


Carmen Everall

Account Executive


Alberto Rivera

Software Development Engineer


Deepika Shathis

Quality Assurance Engineer


Dingding Pan

Software Development Engineer


Stefka Dilova-Droumeva

Intermediate Accountant


Ian Pohl

Application Support Analysts


Jerry Mesner

Customer Success Manager


Kerrie Kindrat

Customer Success Manager



CDO - Chief Dog Officer


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