Improving Workflow Process with Chris Wilson

Function Point’s CEO, Chris Wilson, recently had the pleasure of being the featured guest of the Build a Better Agency podcast, an honour he shares with the likes of Michael Gass, Joe Pulizzi, and Karl Sakas. In the podcast (43-minutes), Chris sits down with Drew McLellan to share the keys to running a professional service firm from his 20 years of experience at the helm of a project management software company.

This podcast covers how to recognize when agencies need improvements and the proper way to implement those changes. Wilson speaks about different ways to encourage compliance throughout an agency and the influential role the agency owner plays throughout the process. Also learn just how critical it is to manage your resources in order to know the value within your organization. Wilson shares how he implements workflow process into his own company while assisting thousands of other firms.

Things you’ll learn about:

  • How to take a finance-first approach to your creative work.
  • What are the signs that it’s time for a new system to manage your agency’s workflow?
  • Why managing your agency’s resources is critical to knowing the value within your organization.
  • How a proper workflow allows people to put brain power in the right places.

Snackable Quotes:

“Your workflow process needs improving if you’re always working last minute.”

“Such a key part of our success with our customers is the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle.”

“If you’re struggling to meet payroll, are you really focused on doing great creative work?”

“Workflow process allows everyone to put their brain power where it belongs which is in solving the client’s problems.”

“It’s impossible to manage and find the time if you don’t know where you’re spending it now.”

Check out the full podcast to learn more about how to achieve a reliable, repeatable process for your agency’s work.

If you have questions related to running an agency, or just feel like trading stories, feel free to reach out to Chris. He’s always up for a good conversation.

Contact Chris:

Chris Wilson

Founder & CEO

Chris started Function Point over 20 years ago in his basement as a way to help professional service agencies run their businesses more efficiently. Since then he’s grown FP into an international success, working with over 600 agencies from around the world and continues to run the company from the head office in Vancouver, Canada.

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