9 GIFs That Only Business Owners Will Understand

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Time to take off the many hats you wear as a business owner and indulge in some fun! Every entrepreneurial journey is unique, but here are 9 GIFs that every business owner will understand.

1.  You’ve spent endless nights brainstorming the vision and business strategy.

brainstormingcredit: giphy.com

2.  You know it’s going to be a lot of work but it’s still your dream.

melissa mccarthycredit: giphy.com

3.  When you’re determined to make your clients happy.

credit: giphy.com

4. You often bite more than you can chew.

credit: giphy.com

5. You might not take the easiest route to get something done, but you come out of it alright.

credit: giphy.com

6.  How you portray yourself to the outside world at all times.

thumbs up stephen curry steph curry art artists on tumblr

credit: giphy.com

7.  How you actually feel.

credit: giphy.com

8.  When you realize you’ve created something and great things can happen.

credit: giphy.com

9.  So watch out world, full speed ahead!

TV Land Classic sports friends running throwback

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This article was contributed by former Function Point employee, Kaitlyn Yeung.