Workflow Management Solution Top 20 | fp. CEO Interview 2

This is part 2 of our 3-part interview with CIOReview magazine as one of their 20 Most Promising Workflow Management Solution Providers. Function Point CEO, Chris Wilson, sits down with CIOReview to chat about how Function Point has achieved the level of success that it has, and why the only direction to go from here is up.

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CIO: Function Point is a productivity software which helps with the easy, effective and cost efficient handling of data, communication, and critical business processes. Could you elaborate on your company’s software?

CW: One of the things that we hear from our customers is that they’ve been working with their information in multiple systems – they have a tool for doing time sheets, a tool for doing schedules, they use something else for invoicing. What they’re missing, though, is one single filing cabinet that they can go to where the majority of their client information resides. That’s really what we’re offering – an end to end solution.

So our creative project management software is quite a robust tool that often removes 4 or 5 independent systems from our clients and puts them all into one place. So we have a CRM in our tool for managing all of your clients, your vendors and your prospects. We support job estimating and all of the financials around a job through recording and tracking time sheets, and expenses, as well as invoices that go off on any job. Then we take that to the next step by offering team utilization tools for tasking and scheduling work and being able to build-in all of the job related briefs.

CIO: Even the most competent of organizations tend to face market competition. What are Function Point’s key differentiating factors?

CW: We really work to build a strategic advantage with our clients by closely working with them through the whole change management – moving them from a prospect to where they’re an advocate of Function Point and making that happen as smoothly as possible.

We also really have a niche focus on the creative industry – advertising agencies, marketing organizations, design studios. Fundamentally, being focused on that niche really allows us to be subject matter experts for them, regardless of their size or their experience. And what I really enjoy is that because of our depth and breadth of experience, the questions our team is being asked are questions we’ve answered before, and because of that are much stronger at being able to help customers achieve best practices as quickly and effectively as possible.

CIO: What does it take for a company like Function Point to show their tenacity for staying relevant?

CW: One of the ways we distinguish ourselves from other companies is we have QuickBooks® integration – we’re a QuickBooks® Gold Developer. It’s one of the top accounting softwares out there in the world, and it’s something a lot of our clients are excited about using. Our Support team is also QuickBooks® ProAdvisor Certified, which was a really natural progression for us in terms of the level of client support we want to offer our clients. 

The strength of the people working here, and the company culture we embrace, is another aspect that keeps us relevant. We’re focused on making sure everyone here understands the vision that we have for Function Point, and in understanding the importance of that they can make decisions every day that us aligned on that vision. I believe it’s the same interaction we share with each other that makes the experience for our clients exceptional. 

CIO: And how about in terms of delivering technology that enables business objectives and satisfies customers?

CW: We work very closely with our clients, and this leads to a product that is designed in collaboration with our clients. Our VP of Product, along with the Product team, visits clients and gets that first-hand, one-on-one experience with them. Actually finding out how they use our creative project management software produces a deeper understanding of their needs. We don’t just give it lip-service, we’re also engaged with many of our clients as beta users who interact with us throughout the year on different states of our designing in regard to the the future of the product. We really care about our clients; we give them a lot of love, and the time we spend with them shows in their success.

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