Win $500 With the Flattery Gets You Everywhere Contest

At Function Point, we love our clients so much we want to give you $500! Watch the video below to see just how crazy we are about you (or just how crazy we are, period).

Introducing the Flattery Gets You Everywhere contest. Grab a couple co-workers and get in on the love fest. It doesn’t have to look perfect (we’re definitely not professional filmmakers or actors), we just want to see you having fun and doing what you do best: being creative!

Our clients are already creating a buzz on Capterra about how much they love the love fp. gives them:

Too many reasons to say why I love this system. I know more, save time, can access anywhere-anytime. My key people can access everything if I’m not here. – Susan Leader, President at Leader Graphic Design, Inc.

Every day we are discovering new features and info it can provide us. The Function Point team is also amazing and quick to respond to any question we have. – Andrea Gibson, Operations Manager at The Met Agency

As a brand new agency with 4 employees, fp has allowed us to create a solid foundation for growth. It had all the functionality we were looking for (and a fair amount more). I have recommended fp to many other agencies and will continue to do so. – Judd Rogers, Project Manager at Young Jenkins

To enter the Flattery Gets You Everywhere contest, submit your entries to until December 11, 2015.You can submit your entry by:

  • Writing us a love letter
  • Composing a song
  • Shooting a video
  • Drawing a flipbook
  • Designing an infographic
  • Or whatever you want! You’re the creative ones…

The whole fp. team will be picking winners for two categories:

$500 – the best explanation of how fp. has improved your business
$250 – the most creative piece

Full contest details.

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