Why your creative agency should have a blog

The way we communicate and advertise has changed tremendously.  New media has changed marketing dynamics, and efforts have to be divided in different channels that go beyond traditional TV, Radio and publishing. On the Internet, we have thousand of social media networks where billions of people connect, share content and search for information. Finding information is not the problem for consumers anymore, but often finding a reliable source of information on a specific topic is. This is where developing a strong blog can help your company gain a significant advantage.

Many businesses are creating blogs to produce content about topics in their realm of expertise, gathering information on a specific area that cannot easily be found elsewhere. Creative agencies should do the same, and here is why:

1. Communication:

A Blog is a way to expand relationships with prospects and clients and offering information of what exactly they are looking for. Presenting solutions and insights about problems and questions, as well as developing tips and how-to-guides will help highlight your expertise and build a following. For example, if you are a Branding Agency, write about how to work with your staff to create a culture aligning to the company brand. If they realize that they need more help on the matter, they will know that can contact you as a leader in the field.

2. Sales:

Blogs help bring new leads to your agency through search and viral interest, resulting in new accounts and ultimately more profits. Therefore, bringing blogging into your marketing mix along with other Internet strategies (Social Media, Email Marketing, etc.) is an essential tactic in promoting your business.

3. Visibility:

If the blog becomes industry-recognized, your agency will benefit from more visibility in the market and a stronger brand presence. They will have a better idea about what you can offer and be able to find you easier online.

4. Community:

A consistent publication rhythm (content creation) for your blog will help you create a community around the business helping you you expose your thoughts, knowledge, experience and updated information in a creative and casual way. People will end up visiting and commenting on a blog they as part of their online routine. They will know that the blog will always have new content and check back if they see the value. Allowing people to share via social media and follow your blog by subscribing to it via e-mail and RSS is also very important in building an online following.

Are you convinced that your creative agency needs a blog? Stay tuned for the next blog post about key factors for a successful blog and a list of suggested topics!

Also, please feel free to leave comments and ask questions!

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