Why Training Is Key For Project Management Software Success

Who can honestly say they didn’t need a little extra help when they first purchased anything with an instruction manual. I know I certainly can’t. Take, for example, that supposedly simple point-and-shoot camera, the unnecessarily complicated expresso machine, or, seriously, anything from Ikea. (I’m talking about you, Brimnes Trundle Bed!) Implementing productivity management software is no different.

The Importance of Training

Proper implementation requires more than a double-sided page of instructions and a lazy Sunday afternoon to set up. That’s why it’s important that, before purchasing your productivity management software, you can ensure your team will be guided and supported throughout the software roll-out.

Of course, there are different ways of training, and people respond to certain styles of training differently. But, when it comes to something as important as your business and the project management software you are installing, it’s beneficial to have a direct point of contact and network of support that can help answer your questions and ensure a deeper engagement with the system.

In-House vs. Outsourced Training

While you’re weighing different productivity management software options, an important feature to look for in your training is whether it’s an in-house program or if it’s outsourced.

The In-House Advantage

At Function Point, in-house training means that all the members of our experience team are specialists in their field. They’ll have the answer to any question you throw their way because even if they don’t personally know the answer, getting one is as easy as throwing something attention-grabbing at their colleague across the room. (Don’t worry, no colleagues are harmed in the answering of your questions.)

There is specialized knowledge and an authority that comes from an in-house program, and this means your training consultant shouldn’t be afraid to tell you if what you want is something they can’t accomplish, or if there’s a workaround to something the system won’t allow.

Pros and Cons of Outsourced Training

Outsourced training, on the other hand, can mean the trainers have a broader knowledge of different subjects, not necessarily related to each other. Although this isn’t strictly a bad thing, they simply don’t have the same attachment to the product and company that can take your experience above and beyond. Not only is the knowledge important, but having the human capital of an entire company on your side is what makes an in-house training program shine.

The FP Way

For any long-term relationship, building on the established connection is paramount. It’s in your best interest to partner with a company that truly cares if you achieve project management success and reach your business goals.

Work 1-1 With an Expert

Function Point’s team of in-house onboarding consultants are industry specialists, and your dedicated consultant works directly with your agency to not only train and set up the system but, more importantly, to share industry best practices. We get a better idea of what your workflow process is and then create a plan around how we can streamline it to ensure you get the full benefits of the FP system.

Extra Training Tools

Sometimes we need a little extra help from our friends, and for this we have the FP community help training page. With an extensive multimedia library for you to use outside of your training sessions, it’s like opening a gift that’s fun and practical. In this industry, the way we onboard our customers and support them throughout their learning process, and beyond, is what sets us apart.

Our end-to-end solution helps teams connect each stage of project management. Specifically designed for the creative industry, Function Point alleviates the chaotic nature of operating creative agencies, internal marketing teams and professional service firms. Schedule your personalized demo and let us show you why agencies just like yours all around the world have chosen to move ahead with FP.

Marissa Ho

Brand & Product Coordinator

Marissa was raised on a steady diet of mountain and ocean activities. She’s a product marketer by day, reader by night, and human being by day and night.

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