Why Sales Management Software Will Allow You To Do More in Your Agency

Lets face it. The process of selling can be a long and arduous road to achieving that success you’ve worked so hard for. How does one stay organized? How does one keep track of one’s leads, prospects, opportunities, tasks and clients? How does one follow up in a timely and efficient manner?

In an overly competitive market place, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. The way in which you engage your prospects & clients, along with the tools that you use, plays an integral role as to how you are perceived, and ultimately, how successful you will be in hitting your targets. CRM’s, pipelines, calendars, sales funnels, quotes, time management, diaries and tasks. The list goes on and on. Successfully managing client expectations and relationships is paramount.

As sales people, we don’t want to be bogged down by disorganization, multiple steps and inadequate tools that may potentially jeopardize our sales funnel. In the contemporary sales department of an organization, the sales team will generally make more sales in a shorter period of time with a CRM software solution rather than without one.

There are many aspects of the sales process that will improve simply by adapting to such a system. Client interaction, history and overall communication will improve dramatically. Management will be able to track your progress and how far the sales pipeline you are, allowing for easy reporting, data comparison and forecasting. Prioritizing tasks, following up, scheduling reminders, recording important notes and accurately tracking progress become easier to manage and an integral part of one’s day to day operations. Typically a CRM package/Sales Management Software in an ad agency will have a certain logic or workflow that will necessitate operating it in a particular way, so it is necessary that the Sales Team adapts to the system, as more often than not, the software will not adapt to the user and his or hers’ habits. In the long term, a positive attitude towards adaptability will ensure that best practices and keeping customers in the loop, remain the focal point of the Sales Team.

Having an easy to use SaaS (Software as a Service) variant of the Sales Management Software implemented within your organization, will greatly reduce costs, deployment time and the learning curve that each team member will have to face when first coming into contact with the system. A set of streamlined, robust software tools to manage your sales pipeline will allow you to stand out from the crowd and manage the pool of wealth you may potentially be sitting on – all with ease.

The key words to remember here are software and adaptability, allowing you to do more. Keep your cool. Stay on top. Keep your customers.

So what’s in your pipeline?

This article was contributed by former Function Point employee, Daniel Pantic.

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