Why Project Management Software Users Love fp.Accountant

Function Point is a project resource management software that allows you to create invoices, input expenses, and monitor the financial health of your jobs. However, Function Point is not your general ledger – that’s where fp.Accountant comes in!

fp.Accountant allows your creative agency to easily move invoices and expenses created in Function Point directly into your QuickBooks® account. I find more and more of my clients choose the fp.Accountant add-on so that both their agency’s account executives and accountants can reap the benefits of their new project resource management software.

Here are 3 reasons why our clients love fp.Accountant: 1. Eliminate The Need For Double Entry

When you create invoices in Function Point Project Management Software, the system allows you to auto-calculate the total cost based on what was originally estimated for the actual value of the work. All of this information is stored in your Function Point system, so why pull this information and manually calculate it anywhere else? When you fill out an expense form in Function Point, you’ll be able to apply the cost to the job while simultaneously syncing that expense over to QuickBooks®. There’s no need to track your vendor invoices in two different systems.

2. Flexibility & Control

This system gives your account executives and project managers the flexibility to immediately generate invoices while still giving accountants control of all things QuickBooks® related.

fp.Accountant works seamlessly to move your invoices and expenses from Function Point to QuickBooks® with the click of a button. At any point, your accounting team can pull a report of all invoices or expenses that have or have not yet been synced to Function Point. Or, in some cases, which invoices or expenses are ready to be synced, allowing them to be in control of moving either item from one system to the other. You can pull a report of all outstanding invoices in Function Point, and you can even use batch invoicing to show your clients exactly which invoices are unpaid. 3. Manage Multiple Invoices via Batch Invoicing

Batch invoicing in Function Point can mean one of two things. One way to use it is by batch invoicing to create one invoice for multiple, related jobs for one client. You can also batch invoice to create multiple invoices for several different clients. In either situation, you will be able to easily create and move the invoice(s) over to QuickBooks®.

Function Point is all about streamlining your business – why not streamline your agency’s workflow and let fp.Accountant do the work for you? I promise your accountants will thank you. Book a demo with our experts and see what this project resource management system can do for you.

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