Why Adopt Software as a Service For Your Ad Agency? Part II

Limited risk, faster implementation and deployment, and greater utilization rates are some of the other benefits that one can expect from a Software as a Service solution. In this blog post I would like to continue reviewing the advantages of adopting the SaaS model for your advertising agency. You can check out part 1 of this blog post if you need to catch up.

Advantages of SaaS

Limited Risk

You can substantially mitigate risks since most of the time you can get a 30-day trial of the software before you buy it. It is always beneficial to try the system out before you commit to it. In fact, Function Point offers a 90 day money back guarantee to give you piece of mind. Thus, you have enough time to try the system out, review with your team and ensure the software is the right solution for your agency.

Additionally, you will get regular and automated upgrades to your existing software. The SaaS model allows your agency to always have the latest version in place with no need to deal with obsolete software. No more hassles with software upgrades!

Faster Implementation and Deployment

SaaS implementation is all done by your project management service provider, which means short deployment cycles with less work disruption. It is easier for your ad agency to roll out new users because most of the time your service provider can simply increase the number of licenses and you are ready to go. This will translate into rapid deployments, giving your team more time to focus on your core business: creative, creative and creative!

Would you rather have your team developing a new marketing campaigns for one of your clients (i.e. billable work) or dealing with software implementation?

Utilization Rates

Rolling out a new project management software? How can you get your senior designers engaged and ensure they will use the chosen solution? The answer is SaaS.

SaaS applications are easy to use and very intuitive. These solutions are created based on clear user interfaces and users real needs, very different than some of the legacy systems that are still around.

The bottom line is that people will use what makes their lives easier, and this is exactly why the SaaS model was created. We developed a system with user adoption in mind to ensure the user interface will flow naturally for anyone using our solution.

Below is a list of key benefits of the software as a service model created by Forrester Research, an independent technology and market research company.

As you can see, there are many advantages of using software as a service. These are all crucial items that should be considered in developing an IT strategy that will help you take your creative agency to the next level. Are you ready to pull the trigger?

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