When the Customer Isn’t Right | Advertising Agency Software

In today’s consumer-centric world, the idea that “the customer is always right” passes as the norm. In an effort to please clients, agencies set unrealistic goals that over-promise on what is impossible to deliver. This is not a good way to do business, in fact, I would say that it is the beginning of a terrible business relationship.

As an advertising agency software support specialist, I often encounter customers who have their own expectations of how the system should perform without considering how it was built to be used. Without understanding this, a meaningful discourse won’t be established and the customer will never be satisfied with the answers we provide. If your agency runs into this situation, here are some tips we practice here at Function Point.

Get On The Same Page

Have a dialogue with your customers and understand the purpose of their request. At Function Point, there are times when a client is not using the advertising agency software as it is intended, however, there is a solution that exists. Sometimes, we need to communicate the challenge that our clients all operate differently, and if we revise the software to every request, it will limit the functionality and take away the value we provide to our users as a whole.

Ensure that when your clients call you with requests, that you are attentive to their perspective as the end user. Acknowledge your limitations, but be assertive when the request cannot be fulfilled within the scope or purpose of the product.

Change Where Change Is Needed

One of Function Point’s core values is to continuously learn and enhance our product to ensure our clients’ profitability and productivity. Because of this, we encourage our users to voice their ideas to the Function Point Team via our ideas portal to better our advertising agency software for all users. If the desired functionality does not yet exist, there’s an opportunity for us to enhance the current system!

The support team is here to help you and figure out the best solutions for your problems. Our integrated software combines project managementtime trackingCRM, financial, and business reporting tools in one convenient cloud-based system — and we want you to use it to its maximum capacity. To see how Function Point’s all-in-one project resource management software can streamline your business, book a personalized demo with one of our software specialists.

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