What To Do With Retro Gantt | Creative Agency Project Management

Last week Function Point released a new Gantt chart, moving towards a more visual approach to creative agency project management. I personally think the new Gantt is awesome and am stoked for what’s next in the pipeline.

But in these times of change, I find myself wondering what will happen to the old Gantt. It’s been around for so long, I feel bad for just tossing it aside. So I thought I would come up with some new uses for our old friend, the ‘retro’ Gantt:

1. Use it to scare the office dogs

2. Create meeting interrupting paper airplanes

3. Ball it up at work by practicing putting and free throws

4. Wallpaper the bosses office

5. A new type of ping pong paddle, perhaps

6. Do some target practice

Function Point’s new Gantt chart is just one of the many awesome upgrades coming up for creative agency project management. So keep your eyes open for more greatness to come, and watch out for paper airplanes!

(Only 5 pieces of paper were printed in the making of the blog. Keep it green, my friends!)

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