Welcome to Function Point: The First 60 Days

Welcome to your primer for getting your agency up and running with Function Point!

Maybe your existing method of Excel spreadsheets, email chains, and Slack messages isn’t keeping your projects on budget, or your old project management software has let you down one too many times. Whatever the reason, you know it’s time to move on.

But transitioning to a new software program can be daunting. There’s a setup process involved, plus onboarding and training your staff, and still hoping they’ll adopt your new systems readily. Luckily, we’ve been helping companies transition to our software for over 20 years, training over 9,000 new users worldwide. It’s our mission to make our software work for you, not the other way around.

Our Onboarding Consultants are ready to help you make this process as quick and painless as possible. Our onboarding process takes approximately 90 days (depending on how fast or slow you want to go!), and sets your agency up for long-term success. These 3 months give us the time to get your workflow management set up, your projects moved over, and your staff trained and primed for easy adoption. During this time, your Customer Success Manager is ready at any time to jump on a call to assist you.

Before you begin, here are some of the most common stumbling blocks when transitioning to a new project management software program, and how to overcome them.

How does Function Point help train my team?

We set your agency up with an Onboarding Consultant and Customer Success Manager. On your end, you’ll need to select a representative from your agency to act as your main point of contact with FP. We call this person your “Prime”, and they’ll work closely with your Onboarding Specialist to learn how to set up your system.

How do I select my “Prime”?

That depends on your agency’s structure, but generally, for smaller agencies we recommend an owner, a project manager or traffic manager to be your Prime. For larger agencies or internal marketing teams, we recommend someone in Marketing Operations. Still stuck? Your Onboarding Consultant can help you find the right fit.

I want multiple people to attend the FP training though. Is that okay?

Sure thing. Your team is welcome to sit in on training as needed.

What do our first 60 days look like?

Agencies generally take around 2 months to complete our training and bulk-upload their contacts and info into their new software program, but this depends on your size and how quickly you’re ready to learn! After your onboarding program is up, we provide you with 30 days of support from your Customer Success Manager to make sure you’re making the most of FP.

How am I going to get my staff to buy-in to utilizing new software? It’s hard enough getting them to track time now…

Getting buy-in from your creative team can be one of the biggest challenges agencies face when onboarding a new project management software. Fortunately, a solid project management platform like Function Point will begin to show its own value pretty quickly as productivity improves, deadlines are met, and less last-minute crunch-times are stressing your creatives. Our Customer Success team is happy to walk you through some suggestions for how to encourage your creatives to track time and trust FP as their project’s single source of truth.

If you’ve already joined us, welcome! We look forward to setting you up with your Onboarding Consultant to get you started. Looking for more information? Download our ebook, Coming to Function Point: Frequently asked questions about the first 60 days.

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