Using QuickBooks Time Tracker at your Creative Agency? Upgrade Now.

We have been contacted by many smaller creative agencies over the past month or so about Intuit’s discontinuation of QuickBooks Time Tracker and QuickBooks Time & Billing. If you have been using either of these solutions, there has never been a better time to look at upgrading your agency time-tracking software then now.


“After much consideration, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue QuickBooks Time Tracker and QuickBooks Time & Billing, effective December 1, 2011. We realize this is an inconvenience for you and we want to make this process as smooth as possible.”


This means that you will need to have another solution in place within the next month to ensure that you’re tracking your agency’s time effectively. Although you may feel forced into this decision, it could very well be one of the best things for the profitability of your company.

Take this as an opportunity to look at some different all-inclusive agency workflow management solutions on the market. Producing leading-edge creative at a profit is about more than just tracking time and doing the work, it’s about effectively estimating your effort based on data from previous jobs including timesheets, expenses and invoices.

A workflow management solution that includes time-tracking can help you do this, and one that integrates with QuickBooks will allow you to take this major step forward without making your bookkeeper and/or accountant learn a new software package.

Check out some more information about the fp. integration with QuickBooks.

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