Unleash Your Creativity With Killer Creative Briefs

Life’s too short to churn out projects that miss the mark. For a creative brief to be the most effective, it should be completed at the beginning of a project so that it’s streamlining the timeline and not interfering with it. Like you with your morning coffee, tea, smoothie, run (you get the idea), a good creative brief helps set you up for a great rhythm by outlining:

  • what you’re making
  • when it’s needed
  • who it’s for
  • how it’s going to get done
  • why you’re doing it

Why You Need Creative Briefs

A complete, well-written creative brief will give your team clarity on your client’s expectations, goals, and resources. It will also define your project in such a way that gives everyone a clear understanding of the vision and the strategy so you can all move forward in unison.

How To Use Your Creative Briefs

Complete the brief with your client — believe me, it will save you time. During this meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to clarify what is and is not within the scope of your capabilities. Sometimes clients have odd or unrealistic requests that you won’t want to commit to. Take the time to explain your team’s process, discuss the possibilities, and negotiate a middle ground.

After the creative brief has been finalized, providing a copy to both your team and your client will make the brief a useful reference when answering questions that have already been resolved.

Free Templates To Jump-Start Your Productivity

All projects are different, and every creative brief should be too. To help you get started, here are three free creative brief templates to help guide your thinking and get you the necessary information.

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A creative brief can sometimes be the difference between keeping a project on track and a project that goes off the rails.

This article was contributed by former Function Point employee, Kaitlyn Yeung.

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