Topic Ideas and How to Succeed with Your Creative Agency Blog

In our last blog post we spoke about why your creative agency should have a blog. Now that you are hopefully convinced that it is worthwhile to start producing content online to highlight your expertise, we will present some key success factors that will help you develop a successful blogging strategy. We even have a list of suggested topics for you to think about!

How to Succeed When Writing a Blog

Think Like a Magazine Publisher

  • Create a frequent and standardized publishing schedule – it is important that perspective followers know when and how often new content will be provided.
  • Use creative and interesting titles (with keywords) for your blog post.

Vocabulary Usage

  • Use words that your clients and prospects will understand.
  • Remember, using applicable keywords will help your efforts for search engine optimization.

Engage the Reader So They Keep Reading

  • Get them hooked at the beginning of the post.
  • Present a question, an interesting piece of data, a short story, industry news, a common problem or situation etc.

Ask A Question At The End

  • You want to try and get comments on your post, create a discussion and promote social sharing.

Ensure Posts Are Well Written and Properly Formatted:

  • Aesthetics and organization matter, so use bullets, break up the content and use header tags to make your posts easier to read.

Add Images or Videos

  • Visual content is pleasing to the eye and adds another element to your blog.

Drive Visits to Your Website

  • Include Links to relevant content (other blog posts, internal pages, social sites etc).
  • Make it easy to navigate from your blog to your website to learn more about your agency.

But What Can I Write About?

Write about what you know, show your expertise in the creative industry. Here is a list of type of topics to think about – it’s not exhaustive, but meant to provide you with some ideas.

Problems Customers Face and Possible Solutions For These Problems

  • Present some of the biggest problems that your clients have. and write a detailed blog post that provides practical solutions. A good idea is to use the style “How to” and “How not to”.
  • Interviews with staff or clients. You can also invite these people to write a blog post!

Recent Successes or Problem Cases (Weakness, Failures)

  • For example: Do you have a good brand positioning case? Or maybe a successful marketing campaign to talk about? Tell these stories!

A Book Digest to Your Blog Readers

  • People are always looking for new industry-related books. Share some of your favorites with your readers and have your staff do the same.

Industry Research, Trends, News, Interesting Data or Surveys

  • Information that you research and study will often be interesting to your clients or prospects. Use this information for content creation.

Finally is important to plan upcoming publications/posts (select the relevant topics, select who will be responsible for each blog post and the dates that they will be published).

Also, connect your blog to social media. Sharing your blog posts will drive more visits to your blog (and ultimately website) and help increase your social network connections. We all know that producing relevant blog posts takes time but it may be worth it if you can do it consistently.

Did you find this information useful? Let us know.

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