Task and Job Management Software for your Ad, Design or Digital Agency

There is a tonne of options in the market for task and job management software. Some are industry-specific solutions for advertising, design, interactive and other creative agencies, and some are more basic, generic solutions that look as though they may work for what you need.

How do you choose which software solution will be right for your firm?

Ideally, you will want to select a system that has been designed for your industry, or at least has the expertise in-house to help with your deployment and provide valuable business suggestions and consulting over the longer term. Generic applications are often cheaper, but the long-term return on investment (ROI) is usually much lower, as over time you will find yourself having to either adopt multiple applications or forego certain efficiencies that an all-in-one system can provide.

Software designed for the creative industries can be very similar in many aspects to systems designed for other professional service providers, however there are key differences that you will want your provider to understand. You want your provider to be able to provide you with best-practice ideas from your industry and your specific discipline. An interactive agency, for example, operates differently than a firm focusing strictly on design or a more traditional advertising agency. Make sure that your software provider speaks your language, follows your industry and will be there to work with you in deploying the product effectively based on what you do.

It is important to take a top-down approach to determine what software and solution provider is right for your team. If there is one thing to take away from this blog post when you’re looking at different agency management software systems, it’s to think about who you’ll be working with and not just the software. Get to know the people behind the solution and go with the company that you believe will compliment your team.

Your workflow management software will become a lifeline for your agency so you want to make sure that you aren’t focused only on features or have pre-determined solutions in mind; you want to look at your potential software vendor as a partner.

Ask the salesperson about how their solution solves common issues that your company has. Talk to the account manager about industry best practices. Ask to speak with senior management and even the owner of the company. Yes, it is important to purchase software that has the features and toolsets you need, but getting to know who you’ll be working with will really help you increase your ROI in the long term.

Function Point is one of your options – please book a demo of the system to see if we are a fit for your organization.

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