Stop collecting productivity apps and consolidate to reduce costs and time

With productivity being one of the highest priorities for creative agencies, it’s typical for many agencies to use productivity apps to organize their work schedule. However, relying on multiple productivity apps results in a disjointed view of your operations and double entry that slows your agency down.

These apps typically assume every person work the same way, but you can’t tell someone how they should manage their work without knowing what type of person they are, what motivates them and how they prefer to work.

Rather than collecting multiple productivity apps to measure each part of your business, achieving a single, consolidated agency view is a much more effective way to boost productivity and drive profit. Function Point’s centralized agency management software provides a cost effective, centralized view of agency productivity across time and materials, resource allocation and financial management.

1. Track and manage time more efficiently

Project managers need live insights into the time that team members are spending on each project so they can reallocate resources to ensure projects are delivered to a high standard, while costs are kept down. Waiting until after a project has been completed to analyze how many hours were spent on specific tasks is not efficient, as the agency could be losing profit without the means to recoup the loss.

Function Point’s agency management software provides a platform that accurately tracks time and updates timesheets across the entire system in real-time. This software allows you to track how much time employees are spending on projects and tasks, so you can instantly see if any changes are necessary. By using agency management software to track these features in depth, you can have a complete overview of your agency’s activity and realize efficiencies to improve profitability.

2. Optimize staff utilization and resource allocation

Getting a comprehensive overview of your employees’ workloads gives you a clear picture of your agency’s productivity. You can determine who can take on more projects and who is at capacity. It’s important to distribute work fairly to your team depending on who is working to capacity and who has available time and space to accept extra projects. This will avoid burning out staff and will keep them engaged in their work.

Function Point’s agency management software can provide valuable insights into staff utilization and resource planning. Integrating these insights with time tracking software can boost productivity across your agency as your staff members can work to their optimum pace and confidently carry out their tasks, without feeling overwhelmed with work or disengaged with their lack of active projects.

3. Get a handle on finances

It’s essential to fully understand your financial position based on components of active projects, and the easiest way to do this is to have comprehensive access to every element of a job. You need to make sure that every project component is accounted for and priced accurately to reduce the risk of losing profit.

Centralized agency management software can help your agency managers get a better handle on finances. Function Point’s agency management software includes built-in intelligence reporting and tracking tools that provide insights to your financial data. You can see exactly how much daily revenue your agency makes and can break it down to analyze individual revenue streams based on different projects.

Once you invest time to understand and analyze these key financial aspects, you can begin to determine where to focus resources going forward to ensure productivity levels remain high. For example, you can pour more resources into the most profitable projects to ensure continued productivity, and limit or re-evaluate unprofitable projects based on the figures available.

To learn more about how you can consolidate your agency’s systems and avoid using a plethora of disparate, confusing productivity apps, book a free demo with Function Point.

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