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Our clients are the best. To prove it, we’ve launched a blog series that highlights their successes in productivity and profitability, and their Function Point (fp.) experience. This is part 2 of our interview with Steve Haak, Partner and VP of Strategy & UX at Solid State Pros. If you haven’t already, catch up with part 1 of the interview.

What’s your company’s core philosophy?

Dream it. Do it. Launch it.

Another core philosophy would be in training people to wear many hats, being flexible and versatile, getting help, and mentoring each other along the way. We have a multi-generational team of people who regularly train and mentor juniors; we’re a great place to grow and get hands-on experience across many discipline fields.

What is one thing that people would never suspect about you?

I love reading and studying historical source documents and manuscripts. I like to sing and write. I also like to explore exotic, far-away places.

What made you realize you needed a project management and time tracking software?
Many of us in senior leadership positions at Solid State Pros have both Project Management and Client Services/Account Management experience. So we knew that we needed to very carefully hand-pick the right project management and time tracking software for our agency from Day 1.

Many agencies use 4 or 5 separate systems to enter and track the same information over and over. We wanted a solution that was a marriage between cloud-based CRM, resource management, project management, time tracking, proposals/briefs, reporting and invoicing. Function Point was the answer. Most importantly — we wanted access to our data at all times! Our data is our data, and shouldn’t be hidden or impossible to extract.

What has fp. helped you achieve? 

Function Point has helped us manage a complex set of rate cards, service codes, and types of resources. It has helped save us hundreds of hours of wading through multiple spreadsheets to manage the same kind of thing in MS Excel. If we put a dollar figure on that, and the sanity saved, it would probably be about $4k-$5k in savings just at this level alone.

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With Function Point’s project management and time tracking software, you have access to a comprehensive solution that helps creative businesses improve productivity and profitability by streamlining processes, simplifying collaboration, centralizing information, and delivering real-time business data.

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