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We love each and every one of our clients and what makes them unique. To help celebrate our clients, we’ve launched a blog series that shines a spotlight on their success in productivity and profitability and their Function Point experience.

So, without further ado, meet Steve! Steve is a Partner and VP of Strategy & UX at Solid State Pros.

Tell us about Solid State Pros and what it does.

Solid State Pros is a full-service digital agency with a focus on Creative Technology & Marketing Services, Startup Consulting, IT Professional Services, and Staffing & Placement Services. We side with and collaborate with our clients to bring their ideas to life through expert research, business analysis, business plan writing, funding assistance, design, technology build, and launch.

What motivates you to do what you do?

I am passionate about the intersections of technology, creative, communication, and social. I have always been on the cutting edge of technology, and have been on the Internet almost daily since 1987. I love seeing how far we can push the envelope in miniaturizing technology and making all of human knowledge available from anywhere on the planet from our fingertips. It’s also inspiring to see the democratization of society by technology with the help of the Internet and personal communications devices.

What makes your digital agency stand out?

Most digital agencies don’t touch start-ups. We like startups and work closely with them to understand their needs, challenges, and partner with them to help them meet their goals and succeed. We also have an in-house incubator and startup accelerator, with our own proprietary process and productized tool. This helps us crank out our own start-up ventures every few weeks or month!

We understand the start-up space. More specifically, we help clients take their ideas and turn them into a product and business, with vetting support, deep research, business plans, investor kits, prototyping, user research, design research, investor introductions and management, UX design, creative design, brand creation, technology build, QA, testing, launch, analytics and ongoing support.

What are your favourite Function Point features?

  1. List Maintenance: It’s flexible and configurable. We like how we can change labels and titles to suit the way our businessworks,and using the terminology we are used to.
  2. Find feature – it’s everywhere! Love how easy it is to look stuff up at each level, without having to know exactly what you are looking for. It’s very helpful.
  3. Dashboards: The ability to customize dashboards is very important to us. We love it.
  4. It’s extensive. Function Point does so many things in one place (From a cloud-based CRM to project management; contract management to resource management — it’s an advertising agency software with time tracking capabilities!)

If you’re using Function Point and would like your company to be featured in our Spotlight blog series, let us know!

With Function Point’s advertising agency software, you have access to a comprehensive solution that helps improve productivity and profitability by streamlining processes; simplifying collaboration; centralizing information; and delivering real-time business data.

To learn how your agency can benefit from an advertising agency software, book a personalized demo with one of our software specialists.

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