Running a Successful Creative Agency – The Client (the final chapter)

Clients – the reason we all exist! This is as true for fp. (creative agencies are our clients) as it is for you! Clients of advertising and digital agencies, creative firms and product development companies can be in any industry – they require a creative agency to help them out with their business. fp. is here to help you help them!

A typical interaction with fp.

  • Agencies that use fp. will use the system for all their job related data – it is crucial for the data to be correct and for the system to be efficient to use
  • Their clients can rest assured that the agency is being as efficient as possible by using fp. as a competitive advantage
  • Clients can view relevant information and milestones easily through reports developed in fp.
  • Clients receive elegant looking creative briefs, estimates and invoices produced in fp.
  • Finally, clients can log-in to view relevant job related information through the fp. client portal for agency collaboration.

A perfect day

  • The agency hired did a great job on time and budget, and provided me (the client) with the information needed in the format/manner requested.

Top of mind issues

  • The creative agency is professional, priced right and provided the tools required for the job requested.

As I mentioned in the first article in the series, at Function Point we are constantly working with creative firms, advertising agencies and digital (new media) agencies to help better define internal processes and workflow using our software. I hope you have enjoyed the 7 personas that interact within the typical creative agency. Assisting these people to work more efficiently and effectively together will help the agency become much more profitable.


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