Running a Successful Ad Agency – Principal/Senior Management (Part 6)

Job Description – The Ad Agency Principal (owner) or Senior Management is responsible for the success of the entire agency (don’t worry – we don’t really think of you as Donald Trump look-alikes!)

Often (in a small agency) owners are involved in Creative or Account Executive roles, but the key to the position is in making key strategic business decisions based on information and data presented.

A typical day

  • Overseeing all the work going on in the agency
  • Meeting with clients
  • Analyzing agency profitability and developing future looking strategy.

A typical interaction with fp.

  • fp is used to pull management reports to help with decision making
    • Profit analysis
    • Timesheet analysis
    • Agency and employee efficiency
    • Cash-flow and revenue projections
    • Resource allocation and availability

A perfect day

  • Clients are happy, employees are busy and efficient, and tasks and jobs for every client are on or ahead of schedule and on budget.

Top of mind issues

  • Making clients happy
  • Ensuring that employee efficiency is maximized across the organization
  • Ensuring that workflow is efficient and the right stuff is getting done
  • Being able to have an overall view of what the agency is up to and how it’s doing financially … with a simple click of a button.

fp. is your boutique agency management partner.

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