Reporting in Function Point’s Agency Management Software

Reporting capability is something that you will find in any agency management system. However, few systems offer reporting that is flexible, easy to use and provides relevant information across all areas of your agency’s work. Function Point is one of these systems. Reporting in Function Point is accessed in 3 unique ways.

Interactive Manager Tools

These include Task Management, Resource Management and Financial Management. Data is presented in these tools based on the parameters you enter and can be expended or collapsed to show the information you require. These tools provide powerful reporting capabilities but are also interactive and allow you to make changes right from the onscreen report itself.

Custom Searched Data

Function Point provides powerful searching capabilities across all modules of the system. A search can be done based on parameters that include date ranges, statuses, types and much much more. The resulting list can be sorted and used to create a variety of reports based on the module you are in. The data can also be exported to excel for even more flexibility.

Standardized Reports

Function Point provides a robust set of standardized reports organized into 7 categories:

  • Analyze
  • Plan
  • CRM & Sales
  • Job
  • Task
  • Time
  • Work in Progress

Many of these reports provide a variety of parameters to filter by and produce into either a PDF document or into excel.

With Function Point’s robust reporting capabilities, the information you need is always at your fingertips. Give us a call and setup a live demo to find out how Function Point’s powerful reporting can give you real time information about all aspects of your agency.

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