Quiz: What’s Your Project Management Style?

Read time: 2 mins

Every project manager has a different way they like to work. Some people are natural-born leaders, while others are budgeting wizards. There are many different ways to manage creatives effectively to end up with a successfully completed project, but your project management style can dictate where in your project you’re destined for success and where you may stumble.

Luckily, there are skills you can build and tools you can use to help maximize your effectiveness. Learn how to harness your best strengths and work through your weaknesses, and use project management software to help. By better understanding your project management style and its impact on a project, you can continue to grow as a leader.

Natasha Carter

Natasha Carter

Communications Manager

Natasha Carter is a Communications Manager at Function Point with a background in market research and strategic communications. She enjoys building high-value experiences for customers along their path to purchase.