Project Management Software vs. Creative Project Management Software

Why should you choose a project management software developed for creative agencies over a more general or basic software?

When searching for a project management software solution for your business you may find different companies that can offer this type of system, each with a different approach and focus on certain features.

If you are in the creative industry, working in an advertising, design, architecture or interactive media agency and offer your professional services for a fee, you will be better off choosing a project management software that fits your workflow and needs. In most cases this means working with a software provider that understands your industry specifically.

Here are some things that you should consider when making a decision about which management system you will use and why we recommend choosing one specifically designed for creative agencies:

  1. How does the prospective management software fit with your work-style and culture – Creative management software tends to value, and to also be suitable for, a culture of innovation and creativity, collaborative work and “thinking out of the box”.
  2. Contextual knowledge and industry experience – Choosing a software for creative agencies will help enhance the deployment process and make daily use of the tool much easier since the software company has a better understanding of your industry and business. A company working within your niche can help you easily tackle common problems that may arise, promptly help with your concerns and suggest alternatives for your business.
  3. Understanding of your workflow – Software that is designed for a creative workflow environment will help your team be more productive from the start to the end of a project, including suitable phases, task categories and timelines.
  4. Adapting better to your specific needs – The creative project management software you choose should be a user friendly and seamless system that allows you track your jobs, create briefs, integrate your invoicing process as well as collaborate both internally and with clients through creative and video proofing, job and project requests and client approvals.

It is much easier to make a decision on creative management software if you know what your options are and can compare them while thinking about the cultural fit with your company.

It is therefore very important to list your priorities to really determine which system will be the best match. Remember, it is not only important to make sure that you select a functional and intuitive software, but a company that offers you enough training, support and consulting to effectively use the software in your business. If both of these requirements aren’t met, your experience won’t bring you the expected benefits.

Our team at Function Point has dealt with hundreds of firms working in the disciplines of graphic design, advertising, branding, interactive media, architecture and engineering. Contact us to explore a fit and understand more about what you can to do for your creative agency.

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