Project Management Software Integrates With QuickBooks Online

Here at Function Point, we are extremely excited to announce our launch of QuickBooks® Online integration. This has been a common request from clients and we are so happy to release this important feature. For many, QBO integration means their entire business is being managed in the cloud. Listen carefully and you might hear your office server scream before you pull the plug.

fully integrated fp. and QuickBooks® Online (QBO) setup means that every single aspect of your agency’s business operations can be effectively managed from anywhere, at any time. Everything from CRM, estimating, project management, tracking time/expenses, invoicing, AR/AP, and anything else you can think of, can now be accessed while you hangout in Starbucks, sipping your triple Venti non-fat Caramel Macchiato. Hello sweet, sweet freedom.

Function Point handles everything up to and including invoices and expenses. Those invoices and expenses are then synced with QBO. The integration process is built directly into the fp. system, so you don’t need to leave the browser to initiate the sync. You will probably want to have fp. and QBO both open in the same browser, in different tabs. This means that going back and forth between fp. and QBO is now as easy as clicking off YouTube when your boss comes around the corner. “Cat videos? What cat videos? I’m busy working in my fully synced agency operations and accounting systems.”

This level of integration essentially combines Function Point and QuickBooks® Online into a single system. For new agencies, this is a dream. You can hit the ground running with a fully integrated cloud based system that is already setup and optimized based on our experience with hundreds of creative agencies. For established agencies that are using a desktop version of QuickBooks® (QB), you can easily transfer your data to the online version and setup the integration with fp. in just a few minutes. For agencies already using QBO, your fp. system is ready to be integrated at any time.

This integration really is a game changer. QuickBooks® is one the most well known and widely used accounting systems in the world and the online version is now easier to use than ever. Whether you’re managing the agency accounting internally, or using an external accountant, you can feel confident that you will never need to switch accounting programs again. You also don’t have to worry about QuickBooks® being specific to the agency world, because Function Point fills that need. QuickBooks® manages the accounting aspect of the business, while Function Point manages the agency operations side. Don’t use your accounting system to manage agency operations, that’s like sleeping in your car and trying to drive your mattress to the office.

With Function Point’s project management software being fully integrated with QuickBooks® Online, there is now a tried, tested, end to end cloud based system that can work for agencies of all shapes and sizes. We are very excited here at fp. and we can’t wait for the success stories to start pouring in.

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