Project Management Software Case Study: Chute Gerdeman

Chute Gerdeman is an award-winning strategic brand and design firm. Founded in 1989, the company is an innovator in beneficial customer brand experiences in the retail, restaurant, consumer goods and service provider industries.

Summary Of Challenges Prior To Function Point

  • The company used custom-built, time-tracking software that was ready to update it.
  • Chute Gerdeman used lots of offline documents to track project details.

Summary Of The Benefits Of Function Point

  • The implementation of a customizable, cloud-based project management software provided flexibility to the large number of projects and users in the firm.
  • Chute Gerdeman was able to build a database to their specifications, which allows for a unified system to track clients, contacts, projects, and staff without worrying about technology challenges in the future.
  • Function Point equipped the business with tools to better measure overall project health, resource utilization, and staff tasks.

Before Function Point

Internal hardware was causing technical challenges:

Access outside the office was slow and bogged down as more employees used it at the same time.

Too many spreadsheets:

The company used Microsoft Office products to track various client and project aspects, but they weren’t linked and didn’t provide easy access to overall project health.


Chute Gerdeman is a world-renowned retail and experience design firm employing 75 staff, using up to 95 Function Point seats when temporary freelancers are engaged. The majority of employees are based at the head office in Columbus, Ohio. Chute Gerdeman also has offices in Atlanta, Denver, and New York.

Chute Gerdeman started to search for an all-in-one workflow system that was cloud-based, user-friendly and could accommodate a large number of client projects and employee users. The company reviewed dozens of options and chose Function Point because it had features that made it accessible, easy to use, customizable, and was the best fit for the firm’s objectives.

At any given time, Chute Gerdeman has employees who are on the road, and they can now more easily access the fully-integrated cloud-based workflow software system while traveling. The program has also provided flexibility and continuity to in-house staff as well since they’re able to update their tasks and time-tracking from home when needed.

With Function Point in place, the company can scale up the numbers of clients and users without experiencing technical issues. Furthermore, the software provides a way to track the hours of a very large and diverse group of professionals, including architects, graphic designers, materials specifications specialists, implementation team members, IT staff, human resource and administration staff, program managers, sales, finance and temporary freelancers. Being able to view and manage the schedules and availability of 75 employees—working on 100 active projects—has a high degree of complexity. The implementation of Function Point has given program managers the reporting tools to oversee the company’s resources more effectively; they can examine the staff resources that are available as new projects come on board, and can better schedule employees.

Another benefit of the time-tracking feature that Chute Gerdeman uses is the multi-user set up. This means the company can create different permission levels for various staff. Most are assigned to a basic permission user level and are purely entering time and task data. Directors of each discipline have higher permission levels and can run reports, enter tasks for each team, and review project statuses, whereas information about hourly rates is limited to Human Resource Managers and Finance. The multi-user set-up makes it possible for all staff to use the same project workflow system while maintaining security and confidentiality in a large organization.

Chute Gerdeman needed a project management program with the facility to track, compile and compare a finished project’s expenses and staff hours against the original estimate. With the input of quality information, the firm has visibility on the health of their projects.

Using the project management tools Function Point provides, Chute Gerdeman is able to have flexibility through the cloud-based system, feel confident in the robust and responsive system architecture, and view an overall account’s profitability.

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