Productivity: Why Should We Be More Organized?

I spent a lot of time thinking of a way to illustrate the importance of getting organized, and than it occurred to me: if a picture is worth a 1,000 words, what would a video of 22 seconds @60 frames per second worth? At least 1,320,000 words !

Take a look at this video clip. It will explain the why we should be organized (in a very metaphorical way):

So, why did I ask you to watch a Gazelle hitting a tree?

Thriving versus Surviving

The gazelle in this video does what most of us do on a daily basis. We wake up, and we start running. Sometimes there are trees (obstacles) that are in our way, and if we do not plan our next moves carefully we hit them head on.

What is the secret of being able to run at full speed while minimizing obstacles in our way? If you are organized, it means that you can see those obstacles from a much further distance and then avoid them. If you are truly organized, it means that you have a virtual map of all of the things in your life, and having a map allows you to bypass obstacles.

Choosing the Environment We Operate In

There are simply too many things that happen in our lives, and there is an ever growing demand to keep track of everything, and deliver on our promises (to yourself as well as to others).

Smart phones are great, but they also mean that we are constantly connected. In the course of a day, you may text back and fourth with a number of individuals, get emails, and take phone calls. If you take a close look at each and every interaction, most of them will result in some sort of a commitment or an open loop (something to take care of), either on your behalf, or on the behalf of the person you communicate with. Things like “yes honey, I will pick up the kid on my way back from work.” or “I will send you the report by next Wednesday” or “I will meet you tomorrow for lunch” are all commitments. What happens if you make a commitment to someone, and you do not deliver? You loose credibility, and you probably feel bad about it.

Not staying organized, is the equivalent of spending your life in the trenches. All you do at that point is survive to get to the next trench. You cannot control the environment, because you do not have enough information to do so. Things simply happen to you, and you react.

On the other hand, being organized provides you with a map of the things in your life, which in turn allows you to make decisions from a much more strategic view. By being organized, you know what you have accomplished, what’s ahead of you, and the current state of the things in your life.

Don’t Be an Agency Gazelle

As a creative person working at an ad agency or design studio, you have tight deadlines to conclude big campaigns. Just like the gazelle, you need a map in your work and in your personal life, otherwise, you will hit trees. Most people wake up in the morning, and start running, no map, no true long term plans, and lots and lots of trees!

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Alon Sabi

VP of Technology

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