Plan Your Agency’s Success With Project Management Software

The New Year is fast approaching, and there is no better time than now to start thinking of ways to improve your creative agency. Transitioning your team to more efficient and profitable workflow processes is easier with an all-in-one project management software. The software can provide your team with the breakthrough you’ve been hoping for to grow your agency’s profits.

Here are some steps to help your agency breakthrough to the next level of success in 2015:

Business Health

A comment we hear often from agencies we work with is that their workflow processes are becoming too complicated, inconsistent, time-consuming, and there’s a lack of visibility on what is actually getting done and how well the company is doing.

Using an integrated project management software can provide your team with a clear overview of how well your agency is doing. The key information that project management software provides a breakthrough for your agency into better job visibility, greater profits and overall a healthier business. Thus, giving your team a high-level view of what is actually working in your agency.

Avoid The Same Problems

Whether it’s pumping up your profits for next year or improving your workflows, developing solutions based on real-time data is essential to making your strategic plans work.

Ask yourself: What areas within your agency require your management’s attention? Are there any patterns that come up every quarter? How often are your estimates over budget? How profitable are your projects?

Using data from an all-in-one system can help your team have a breakthrough in developing creative solutions and formulating realistic goals. Reviewing your current business health can also help you discover opportunities to standardize processes such as creating invoices, retainers, and schedules.

This can all be experimented and implemented through a project management software. With an all-in-one system, you can track the progress of jobs with each incremental change and see first-hand how each solution is affecting your agency. With real-time data, the system can also help you prevent project overruns before they happen and set up your team for success.

Execute Your Plan For Success

Moving from plan to action involves a tool that will keep you and your team on track. A system like Function Point can help your agency track time to jobs, measure progress, assign tasks, create notes, and align your whole agency to your goals. It’s a tool that centralizes all the data your team needs to break through to greater profits, and a more efficient and productive agency.

Defining your agency’s measure of success is also another important factor to consider when executing your plans. What counts as a success? Be specific as possible. Otherwise, you may fall victim to the “good enough” syndrome and results will fall below your goals that you’ve worked so hard to plan out.

To learn more on how to transition your agency’s workflow to be more profitable, book a personalized demo with one of our experts. We’d be happy to help your agency have a breakthrough to the next level of success in 2015.

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