#OptimalPrime: Cut Down on Admin Work With the ‘Quick Create’ Button

At Function Point, ‘Prime’ is the name we give to the people at your agency who know how to best use the system. Each month we’ll share new tips and tricks from our system to help you Transform your Function Point skills from average to amazing. Tune in each month to elevate your game, and if you miss any previous posts, check out #OptimalPrime on our Twitter: @functionpoint.

Cut Down on Admin Work With the ‘Quick Create’ Button

The busier your work schedule gets, the more you wish you could just forget about having to do your admin work. But, when it comes to adding new prospect and client information, you want to make sure you’re capturing all the essential details. With the ‘quick create’ button in Function Point, we’ve reduced the hassle of admin work, making it easy to add new contacts and companies all in one shot.

Here’s How:

  1. In the main navigation bar, hover over “Contact” and click “Add Contact”.
  2. Next to the “Company” field click the “+” button.
  3. Fill in the fields and click “Save”.

Start saving valuable time on admin work so you can put it towards what matters most: impressing those prospects and clients with your best work.

Stay tuned for the next #OptimalPrime where we continue your transformation into a productivity pro with a new trick in FP.

Marissa Ho

Brand & Product Coordinator

Marissa was raised on a steady diet of mountain and ocean activities. She’s a product marketer by day, reader by night, and human being by day and night.

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