On Becoming a Member of the fp. Family

By the time I walked into fp. for my first day of work two weeks ago, I was pretty sure fp. would be a dynamic place to work. Not only was I prepared for a closely knit cast of characters, I was prepared for it to take a while for me to insert my particular brand of odd diet and strange humor into the mix, not to mention my furry canine daughter “River”. 

The instant I walked in Chris and Tate pounced on me with effusive welcomes, happy puppies bouncing with glee at their new acquisition, all smiles and handshakes and expectations. I was folded into the morning ‘huddle’, and with an easy affability the fp. crew absorbed me (and River) into the family.

Try living in one big room with your whole family and you’ll get an idea of what fp. is like. Some folks would run screaming and I guess I’m just strange because so far I’m really digging it. Everyone knows what everyone is eating and has strong opinions on the matter! “Mahogany Marc” can’t hide the fact he bought a $25 wooden shelf to put in his closet to impress the girls and we won’t let him forget how rare Amazonian wood is certainly going to get him some dates. We have a real life Vancouver celeb, Omar, who some will know as “NCR Ranger” from Fallout New Vegas (Vancouver Sun Link).

Irish Karen who I just keep getting to talk. No seriously. Karen can talk as long as she wants. Say something Karen. Just talk. Emma, takes care of us all with candy. CANDY. On my desk (*insert evil laugh here*). Trevor who is related to an ancient race of giants who someday I am going to get to sing “Early one morning just as the sun was shining…”.

Not one person in the crew disappears, but of course there is nowhere to hide! Everyone just has let the uniqueness shine out.

From Brazil, Isabelle speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese and is a ball of energy heaping me under pages of analysis I promise to read someday (honest!). Leanne, has enough dry comedic skill to make “rage” hilarious. Brilliant Tate, lovingly (did I say lovingly) nicknamed “huh?” for the slight reset he does when he changes focus (and will now fire me). His record is 12 seconds. Chris, our ultimate cheerleader and enthusiastic ship’s captain always has a moment to spare. Logical Jane can give you a flat stare that makes you feel like you stole some cookies and yet manages to be warm and supportive. Sampson, who has a poetic eye, spends his evenings snapping eerie pics of dark ponds. Steve Irwin would have been proud. Daniel seems to be not only a sales wizard but can make a movie of a helicopter crashing into you (I’m a bit worried about what he’s doing with the pics he took of me).

Relaxed Jeremy has a ready grin and casual style while being totally helpful! Leo is driven to succeed will wrangle the elements to make us all bizillionaires (I fully intend to see that he does). Quiet focused Sarah who seems to have lunch all day but is a strict herbivore so that explains the stacks of containers. Gary loves to excite us with special treats and exerts some sort of magic ‘woo’ over parking spots. Travis and I haven’t had too much interaction yet, but apparently he loves a good rave (just a rumour). Alex has a quiet solid energy that can suddenly get unleashed very surprisingly, and Alon who seems as solid as a pillar while all the world whirls around him. Kevin, our secret weapon, sniffs and teases out arcane market knowledge with a small wry grin. Finally, timid little Levi (the doggie) sniffs out just about anything and is teaching River (other doggie) how to share by sneaking up on her and stealing her delicious stuff.

Conversations always seem to have a mix of intensity and laughter, and everyone seems to have adapted well to having a furry friend at their feet and fur on their pants.

Of course, we’ve positioned fp. as being about our people and these first days have reinforced that not only is fp. about people, it really IS. I’ve been challenged to bring my best because these folks deserve it, and while we’re all learning and growing, we’re doing it together.

As I get to know our extended client family, I hope to bring out the story of how we’re all using the fp. DNA to bring our creative force and unique gifts into play and make our businesses flourish.

Best job ever!!

– Carol Sykes 

fp. Marketing & Communications Manager

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