[New Release] Work Planning View: Your Zen Garden For Team Planning

Juggling multiple projects across multiple timelines for multiple clients isn’t easy. But for most project managers, it’s a daily challenge. To help with this daunting task, we’re introducing the new Work Planning View. This view turns the chaos of ‘just another day at the office’ into a single place for direct visibility into the what and when of your team.

Spot the Sparks Before They Become Project Fires

Getting projects delivered on time and on budget depends on you having visibility into who can take on more work and which deadlines need to be shifted. Before your next production meeting, jump into the Work Planning View to get the insight you’ll need to keep track of schedules and manage changing priorities and deadlines.

Full Team Visibility on One Calendar

Quickly identify scheduling conflicts by seeing which Tasks and how many hours are designated to an individual or Role each day. If you need to drill deeper into a Task, hover over it to view more information such as estimated and actual hours.

Deliver Your Best Work On Time and On Budget

Shifting deadlines and new urgent priorities can be the most disruptive type of challenge for project managers. With the Work Planning View, if a client suddenly needs a design update by the end of the day, you can ensure your client stays happy without stressing your whole team out. See who has the capacity to take on the new task and where work can be re-assigned or rescheduled to a future date.

No More Impossible Deadlines

The last-minute scramble to re-allocate resources is a project management nightmare you no longer have to worry about. The Work Planning View allows you to keep a pulse on assigned/in progress Tasks as well as draft Tasks, all in one place. Knowing which Tasks may eventually need to be distributed between your team means you’re not scrambling or requesting overtime when you win new business.

Get Started With the Work Planning View

If you already have access, login to start using the Work Planning View now, or head to our support library to learn more about how to use the Work Planning View.

If you don’t have a Function Point account, book a demo to see how our software provides the clear view you need into your projects and teams.

Marissa Ho

Brand & Product Coordinator

Marissa was raised on a steady diet of mountain and ocean activities. She’s a product marketer by day, reader by night, and human being by day and night.

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