Musings of the Bookkeeper: fp. Accountant Integration with Quickbooks

Maybe you will understand, as someone born in an era of pencil and paper, that being company controller of a small business can present technology challenges.

As one in charge of the finances of a web based time sheet and project management software firm I know. My Luddite tendencies don’t always mesh with new trends in software offerings and it is beyond me how my younger team members can keep up with the constant changes and upgrades. There is however, a brilliant bit of software I love to use, a bright spot in my monthly bookkeeping regime, namely fp. Accountant.

This is an accounting integration tool between fp. and common accounting softwares such as QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, MYOB, and Sage Line 50. Every month I produce hundreds of invoices which in the past I manually entered into our accounting software, Quickbooks Canadian edition using multiple currencies. Now, I simply press a button in fp Accountant, and voila! Every invoice detail and description is transferred and three days of work has been finished in less than an hour.

Don’t be concerned though, I’m not sitting around with nothing left to do, worrying that I will be replaced. This leaves me time to spend on more lucrative pursuits, specifically, accounts receivable. You know…


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