Musings of a bookkeeper: fp.Accountant integration with QuickBooks.

My last posting was talking about my experience as the controller of a company providing timesheet and project management solutions to creative teams. I am a little old school, in that I don’t always jump on board with technology and change. That being said, In the past two days I have been testing the new version of fp.Accountant with our development team as we go live internally with Alon’s work. The old version has saved me many, many hours of redundant data entry by integrating the transfer of data between fp and QuickBooks.

We use QuickBooks Canadian Multi-Currency edition, and for the last 4 months, I have been helping Alon audit the new integration with fp Accountant 2.0. This upgrade works with new more powerful 64-bit computer processors as well as Canadian, US and UK versions of Quick Books, and I’m told we are working toward QuickBooks online editions as well.

There are a couple of changes that I have noticed immediately, namely, the integration with Function Point is triggered through Quick Books by simply selecting from a pull-down menu. It’s interesting, Alon has build the Quick Books integration right into the Quick Books file menu. So simple!! I don’t have to open any software, it’s automated for me. I can even request to view an invoice or expense that I am looking at in Quick Books in Function Point and the system finds it for me. “Really Cool”.

All aspects of fp Accountant accuracy importing into Quick Books I have come to trust and expect have been met, but there is one new benefit that is amazing. I love that when I integrate Quick Books with Function Point that all invoice payment details are updated as well. The amount of time that I have spent every month updating hundreds of invoices is automatically done. Amazing!

I’m going to get over my reluctance to change and embrace the new fp Accountant 2.0. Again, there is plenty to keep me busy…

Jane Ferguson Wilson | Controller


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