Meet Function Point’s New Director Of Business Development

At Function Point, we’re building a team that won’t let each other fail. Enter: Ryan. He’s joined our fast growing sales team as the new Director of Business Development!

If you’ve ever crossed paths with Ryan, he’ll likely want to tell you about his beautiful family (fur-babies included) or show off his tattoo sleeve. But to learn more about him, we sat down for a round of get-to-know-you questions.

What Makes Function Point Different From the Other Companies You’ve Worked For?

Function Point has an incredible atmosphere, one that I’m feeling blessed to be a part of each day. This is a unique environment in that the company truly stands behind its words when it comes to fiercely protecting the culture. From the interview process, to the meet-and-greets between new and tenured staff, our daily huddle and our task and project management software, Function Point makes a point of walking in line with its values.

What’s a Day in the Life of A Director of Business Development Like?

I am so thankful to have the opportunity to live out my purpose every day. Working with talented individuals, my role is to participate in their growth and to remove the barriers for them to move one step closer to achieving the legacy they aim for in their career. Yes, there are other functions to my role that relate to charting the path for the team to reach the goals set out in our organizational vision, but none more important than my dedication to the team.

What Do You Like About Being on The New Business Team?

It is such a great time to be involved in sales. I’m so glad to be part of this new movement that looks to tear down the stigma of the pushy, greedy salesman of yesteryear. We’re replacing it with one that is focused on assisting those experiencing pain to bring them to their desired outcome and ultimately achieve success. I love being a part of that customer journey. It’s fulfilling.

How Has Your Previous Experience Shaped How You Approach Your Role?

What a ride it has been over the past 10 years. Pieces that jump out for me in my career are ones that have not only shaped how I approach this role, but more-so my leadership philosophy and orientation to process improvement. I was lucky enough to begin my career working with a manufacturer of waterslide parts that was dedicated to Six Sigma, Kaizen, and Lean. The knowledge I took from this organization has served me well across all my other roles, as I have a continuous improvement-approach to business and life that is really about trying to become a little bit better all the time. Working at 1-800-Got-Junk? I was exposed to some really strong leadership lessons that I’ve tried to hold close to my heart ever since, and truly believe those lessons have been a big part in shaping who I am as a leader today. There are so many more, but those are two that jump out for me.

Words to Live By?

How many can I choose?!?!

  • We must consistently look into the mirror to acknowledge opportunities for personal & professional growth. This promotes positive action, in turn creating the lasting change we desire to see in our lives.
  • The difference between fiction and fortune isn’t in the amount of belief, but in the amount of effort put into making something seemingly so unbelievable into a reality.
  • Often we get so paralyzed by the amount of work it will take to be the person we want to be that we forget to take the first step.
  • There is nothing like the feeling of freedom granted from living life without expectations.
  • If every day I can become just half a percent greater than I was when I woke, I’ll be 182.5% greater in only one year.

If You Had to Sing on Canadian Idol, What Song Would You Sing?

Tremors by SOHN (not because I can, but because everyone should listen to this song and this is my clever way of influencing people to check it out).

What Does a Perfect Day Look Like To You?

I crawl out of my tent which is nestled into the rock berm on the mountain’s edge to see the stars in their final moments before the dawn breaks. I boil some water to make some green tea to drink while I watch the sunrise over the horizon. Pensively taking in the moment I’m thankful to have such a wonderful wife who allows me the freedom to explore the outdoors. I break camp and hike down the mountain with my dog Nixon by my side. Arriving home just as my wife is waking up we have breakfast together, before sitting quietly in our garden reading and enjoying each other’s company. It’s 10:00am and the day is already perfect, what happens from here on out is simply icing and cherries.

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