Meet Function Point’s New Application Support Specialist

At Function Point, we’re always looking for great talent to add to our high-functioning team. About a month ago, we welcomed Thomas to the support team. He’s an Application Support Specialist, to be exact. 

If you’ve been lucky enough to interact with Thomas, you’ll know he’s one of the friendliest, most dedicated support guys you’ve ever talked to. To learn more about him, we sat down with Thomas for a round of get-to-know-you questions.

What makes fp. different from the other places you’ve worked for?

The people. It’s like a family here. That’s something I like. I’ve only been here for a month, but I feel like I’ve been here way longer. We have a lunch space and a “living room” where people can just catch up on each other’s lives; there’s treat days. There’s a real sense of community, and a strong culture of being generous with your time and making sure we succeed together. Plus, everyone knows how to have a good time! It’s things like this that I think contribute to the unique work environment here.

How would you describe what you do here at fp.?

I answer any questions our clients have about our task and project management software. Because fp.’s support team is in-house, we know the software backwards and forwards. So if clients forget how certain parts of the software work, we’re able to remind them how to use it. Problem solving is also a big part of my job. Different agencies have different workflows and they have different ways of using the system, so we make sure to cater each solution towards their unique workflows and needs.

What would you say is the most common question you answer in support?

That’s got to be a trick question, because there is no most common question. I’d say there are common themes, but again, because we don’t give cookie-cutter responses, we look at the specific client and their workflow to answer the question.

How do you approach your role in support?

I make sure I understand where they’re coming from and what their needs are first. It’s important that we pinpoint and understand what the root of the issue is before trying to solve anything. The more details we can get, the better and faster we’re able to resolve the issue!

What do you like about being in support?

I get to communicate with different people. I love building relationships. It’s fun and can be challenging (in a good way). I get to help people everyday. It’s really satisfying when I have a client tell me that they actually enjoyed their support experience. I think “Yes! I made this person’s life a bit easier.”  That’s something I like.

What do you think prepared you for what you do here?
I’ve had support roles in other companies before and I was taught to help people in general. You know, if you’re nice to someone and treat them the way you want to be treated, they’ll be nice back. They’re mostly frustrated with the problem, not you. They usually realize “Oh right, it’s not this guy’s fault. It’s just this thing is not working properly.” Connecting at the human-level is really important. When we say we understand what they feel, we actually do. I know what it’s like to be on the other side.

Great! Now for some fun. If you had a super power, what would it be?

To stop time. I’d want to turn people around while they’re walking and make them confused.

What is one thing that you’re insanely talented in?

I can make a mean beef yaki udon.

What is one thing people don’t know about you?

I’m a robot.

Okay, we think he was joking about the last part.

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