Meet Eunice: The Office Unicorn

If you’ve ever worked with a fantastic project manager, you’ll understand why the role is frequently graced with nicknames that range from “guru” to “wizard”. You’ll probably also know that these experienced, amazing project managers are pretty rare and hard to find. Looking for the perfect project manager to match your agency’s creative team can feel like hunting for an office unicorn.

We’ve all heard of the mythical office unicorn: the flawless employee that every company is looking for, but doesn’t really exist. So we created one. Her name is Eunice, and she’s pretty awesome.

To bring Eunice to life, we partnered with Vancouver-based creative agency Here Be Monsters, who had previously worked with FP to launch our 20th-anniversary rebrand in 2017. Today, we spoke with Chris Raedcher of Here Be Monsters to talk about unicorns, design, branding processes, and his best productivity tip. 

You’ve been working with Function Point for a while, what was your ultimate goal for the recent rebrand?

Like we do with all of our clients, we went through a pretty rigorous branding process: talking to customers, visiting the team, and having an off-site day with all internal stakeholders. It was a visual rebrand with a new logo, but we also wanted to get the look, feel and tonality of what Function Point is all about.

A brand is more than just wallpaper, it’s a foundation. We believe that a brand story speaks for more than just a company’s marketing communications—it’s a spirit that really speaks for the whole brand itself.

What did you want the new look to convey?

One of the great things about FP is the high level of personal attention and support that the team gives to their customers. We’re at an age where AI, chatbots and automation are filling up the customer service space. FP has invested so much in terms of onboarding and customer support in very real, human ways, and we wanted the new look to speak to that. We used warm, approachable colours, paired with very organic shapes and illustrations—things that aren’t as robotic looking as many SaaS brands.

When you initially worked on the rebrand, did you anticipate that the project would be something you’d continue to build on with new content like the video? How did Eunice fit into the big picture?

Subsequent to the launch of the new rebrand, we wanted to make sure that the product felt like it was coming from the same people as their marketing communications, and not have a disconnect. By creating a brand story, we’ve been able to build on that with video content like Eunice the Unicorn, as well as ad campaigns we’ve been running.

We’ve got some upcoming product videos and marketing activities that will help introduce new customers to the new and improved Function Point software.

How did you bring Eunice to life?

We partnered with a very talented animation studio called Global Mechanic—they really helped to take our ideas and direction, and bring Eunice to life. All of us had fun bringing out Eunice’s personality in the design process. Matt, our creative director and writer, made a joke about her piercing a paid invoice onto her horn, and everyone laughed… and that ended up in the final cut.

Kudos to the folks at FP for knowing that they wanted to be fun, for taking an outside-the-box concept to explain why FP is the productivity software for people in creative industries.

Bonus question! Chris, what’s your best agency productivity tip you use at Here Be Monsters?

This may seem contrary in an era of emails and digital communications, but we believe in having as many real-time conversations with customers and clients as possible. If in-person isn’t possible, the phone is the next best bet. There are many subtle cues within verbal communications that help give context and meaning in creative conversations.

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