Managing Jobs at Your Creative Agency: Traffic Managers Are a Must!

Having recently joined Function Point as a new Training Specialist, I have had the benefit of learning about and becoming gradually exposed to the workflow of creative agencies. From my personal observations so far, I cannot stress sufficiently the importance of time. To ensure your agency’s success, I have learned that managing time is just as important as producing creative products.

If you are in charge of a creative agency, you may have caught yourself thinking about how to run your agency properly and profitably. You know –or should know– that effective communication and attention to time are critical to the success of your agency. Yet you often encounter problems while communicating with your employees and clients. Essential expectations such as being on or ahead of schedule and creating products that reflect the budget estimated by your client are not being met. Do these problems apply to you and your agency? Be at peace. Take some time to reflect about and answer the following questions:

  • Are your staff members and clients both happy with the product you are creating?
  • Does the product reflect the budget determined by your client?
  • Is your team on or ahead of schedule?

If you answered “no” to at least one of those questions, you are unaware or may not have heard about the importance of the role of a traffic manager.

In an advertising agency, connectivity is a vital component. A traffic manager can serve your organization as a facilitator by connecting account executives with members from other departments within the agency.

A traffic manager will ensure that tasks are assigned and completed on schedule, establish a channel of communication between account executives and staff members, teach individuals how information will flow through the agency, raise awareness about potential issues, and bring order to your schedule and workflow.

A workflow management software can accurately assist and provide your traffic manager with a variety of tools to not only track time, but to also evaluate the progress of tasks, jobs, and communicate issues to your creative team and your account executives.

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This article was contributed by former Function Point team member, Anderson Sandes.

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