Making a Project Level Estimate

You can easily organize multiple jobs for the same client through the Projects module. A Project Level Estimate is a great way to share your proposed pricing for work with several separate deliverables that you have organized within a project. 

Please review this article to learn how to create several Estimates under one project, and print that estimate for your client. 

You will need a project in your system to make a project-level estimate. To create a new Project, you can start in the main navigation bar. Hover over Projects, and choose Add Project. 

Once you are on an Add Project page, you will need to fill in some details. Required fields are marked in blue. The rest are optional. 

  1. Give your Project a name. This can be anything you like but should be a decent description of the planned work. 
  1. Enter what the budget will be for this project. (If you know it). 
  1. (Optional) Choose one of your account executives as the AE for this Project. If you pick someone here, they will also be the AE on any estimates or jobs you add to this Project. 
  1. Choose the company you are working for, and (optionally) enter a description of the work. 
  1. Give the Project a Code. You have a maximum of 16 characters. If the code has been used before, the system will highlight the field in pink and ask you to pick a different code. Other system pages will use the code when there is not enough screen real estate to display the full project name. 
  1. Select an appropriate Project Type from the drop-down menu. 
  1. You will also need to select a status. 

Click Submit when done. 

Add Estimates to the Project 

The project has now been created, and you can begin to develop estimates that will live within this project. Click the Add New button and choose Estimate. 

Fill in the Add Estimate page as you would otherwise, inputting as much information as you can. Required fields are marked in blue. 

Because we added this Estimate to our Project, we can see the Project name is filled in for us. 

Click Submit when ready. 

Fill in more information for this Estimate, including the estimated values to complete any of the services you are offering. Add work descriptions to a Revenue Schedule, and add Files as you see fit. Click Save when ready. 

Learn in more detail out recommended best practices for creating Estimates here: Creating an Estimate & Job 

Back on the Project, on the Basic Info tab, the Estimate Total for this new Estimate is now reflected here. As we add more Estimates, and track time, users can quickly compare these totals to the overall Project Budget. 

The Estimate we made is now stored on the Estimates tab of the Project. Click Add New again and choose Estimate to continue adding Estimates to this Project. 

Generate the Project Estimate 

When you’ve added all the Estimates to the Project, you will want to share your proposal with the client. Choose the Estimates tab, and select which Estimates you want to show on the Project Estimate printout via the Print box. 

Click the Print button, and choose a Project Estimate printout. Your FP system will have the Standard version of this printout available for you, and you can have up to 3 versions of this printout active at any one time. 

Please review this article to learn more about your options to configure printouts: Add a Printout – The Basics 

The printout will generate a PDF that you can print and send or save and send to your client. Based on client feedback, you can adjust your Estimates or pricing and resend the printout. Once the client approves your Estimate, you can turn it into a live Job— in which staff can track time and send Invoices. 

We welcome your questions or concerns: 

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