Living Pink | Advertising Agency Software Spotlight 3

We love our customers. We actually love them so much that we’ve launched the Spotlight blog series that celebrates their successes in productivity and profitability.

Living Pink: Part 3

Here’s part 3 of our interview with Jodie Spears, Founder & CEO at Living Pink!

Describe yourself in 3 words and describe Function Point in 3 words.

I’m creative, strategic, and funny. I would say 3 words that describe Function Point are: reliable, necessary, convenient.

What made you realize you needed an advertising agency software?

Living Pink started out as a one-person operation. But, as we grew, we realized that project management needed to grow too. We looked for a cloud-based project resource management system that allowed for real-time updates and was easy to use. Function Point fit the bill and was designed for the agency world.

What’s your advice to those searching for the right project resource management software?

Function Point is the way to go if you work in advertising, public relations or marketing. It’s designed for exactly what we do by people who have spent nearly 2 decades learning what it is we do.

How has using FP in your business changed your productivity and profitability?

Function Point’s project resource management system allows us to spend more time working on projects rather than tracking down files or updating jobs after a meeting.

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This article was written by former Function Point team member, Kaitlyn Yeung.

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