Listening to Client Needs – The Spark That Ignited fp.

In 1994, I was talking to a client of another business I was involved in. We were discussing a customized computer system designed to improve productivity for designers and production staff in a light manufacturing firm I partnered in.

This client was and remains today a person I greatly respect. She and her husband own and manage a thriving creative design studio in Vancouver focused on brand development.

They had experienced a failed attempt at having a custom timesheet and project management solution developed, and this had set her firm back. Her determination was very high to get a computer-based quoting and financial management tool that supported purchases and invoices.

Little did I know what was about to start!

The conversation moved to us meeting again and subsequently, I spent the next year working through this complex array of development, ultimately producing a system that was used for the next number of years.

My first computer dusted off and powered up. Running one of my first business applications. A deposit form for our first business… and the computer displays the correct time after 10 plus years unplugged! Like Function Point – it just works.

What a start for Function Point. And a very creative start focused on improving productivity and ultimately, profitability, for real people dealing with the unique challenge of running creative businesses. Hence the name, Function Point Productivity Software Inc.

This system was the first of almost 200 custom projects that I was directly involved in creating and deploying. And yes, along the way I acquired a fantastic brand and identity package that served fp. for many years. Then in late 2002, I made the decision to focus on a specific niche market that had my attention and then added more value by developing a SaaS-based tool founded on our experiences.

This tool brought together the operational aspects of CRM, project finances, project management, staff utilization, time sheets, purchasing and, very importantly, invoicing. Once again, our goal was simple – add value by selling a highly configurable tool at a reasonable price and reduce redundancy for users. We did this by creating a system where data could be entered once and used often to provide valuable insights into key performance indicators (KPI’s) of the firm.

Since then we have been very fortunate. Our growth has been very steady and today we have close to 400 clients working with and using fp. everyday. People in creative studio’s, architect’s offices, interactive development firms, industrial design shops, and one accounting firm, use our tools to manage their business every day.

For these individuals we are thankful. We will continue to work very hard serve you and your ever-changing needs.


Chris Wilson
Founder and President

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