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Our clients are some of the most driven people we know, using our advertising agency software to reach their goals. To show our appreciation, we are shining a light on them, their successes and their FP experience.

Meet Susan Leader, President at Leader Graphic Design! Don’t forget to check out the first part and second part of our interview.

Who is your greatest inspiration and why?

My father. He was a huge influence in setting the attitude of our business which revolves around honesty. You sleep better at night knowing you have done a good honest job.

How do you define success?

Financial success is important, but our family is more important, and the families of our employees.

What’s your favourite aspect of FP?

When we were looking for an all-encompassing advertising agency software to help run our business, we found FP does much more than we needed at the time, but we are growing and love that it can handle things we didn’t know we were going to need. I like knowing that when I think of something else I would like it to do, chances are I just need to ask where it is. The program is just so well thought out.

How has using FP in your business changed your productivity and profitability?

Being able to estimate each job and see the financial reports whenever needed has helped us see clearly when a job is taking too long and why.

What’s your advice to those searching for the right advertising agency management software for their company?

Efficiency is a necessity for a small busy group like ours. Although this did take some time to implement it has become invaluable by reducing some of the stress of running a small business. Now that it is in place I never want to be without it.

Anything you want to add?

Sometimes we get drawn into the craziness that is this industry, remember to be honest, be respectful, be grateful and take time to love.

This article was contributed by former Function Point employee, Kaitlyn Yeung.

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