Leader Graphic Design | Advertising Agency Software Spotlight 2

Leader Graphic Design | Advertising Agency Software Spotlight 2

Being in the business of productivity and profitability, we love seeing our customers use FP’s advertising agency software to grow in productivity and profitability! This blog series is about shining a light on their agency uniqueness and successes.

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What’s Leader Graphic Design’s core philosophy?

We gave lots of thought to a company philosophy but it ended up being very simple. “Your success is ours.”

Why do your customers choose Leader Graphic Design?

Customers choose us because we are not just a team inside the doors of our office, but we are a team with our clients. We don’t work for them, but rather with them to help them achieve their goals.

Who’s the biggest FP fan in your office?

Me! I’m the person who uses FP’s project resource management software for invoices and to check estimates against time spent on a project.

What are your 3 favourite FP features?

  1. Easy time tracking is critical for our business and easy for everyone to use.
  2. Being able to go to an existing estimate and copy that estimate to use for another client or repeat job saves time and keeps things consistent.
  3. Creating and checking invoices is easy too.

How has FP helped you?

Although I don’t really know how much money we have made or saved using this program, I can say we were a functioning disaster waiting to happen. I didn’t know how bad off we were until I saw how good it could be. We have saved time and reduced stress… priceless.

Is your company using Function Point’s advertising agency software and would like to be featured in our Spotlight blog series? Let us know!

With Function Point’s advertising agency software, create accurate estimates using customizable templates, and save more agency time and resources with our set of workflow management tools. To learn what Function Point’s advertising agency software can do for you and your creative agency, book a personalized demo with one of our software specialists.

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