Keep Your Agency Up To Date With These 6 Podcasts

Staying competitive in creative industries means learning and looking for new ways to approach your work. Podcasts are the perfect way to dim the open-office hum and absorb an extra dose of information and creativity from the brightest minds in the industry.

The internet provides unlimited access to information. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve sourced some of the best podcasts for agencies, marketers and creatives to make getting off the ground easy.

Under the Influence

Terry O’Reilly, the host of the podcast, spent more than 30 years in the advertising industry before starting his podcast. Now he takes listeners on a tour through the advertising world, from its hallways to its recording studios.

His episodes explore how marketing affects the public and its connection to pop culture and human nature, and takes deep dives on specific subjects such as the branding of diseases.

The Futur

In each episode, Chris Do sits down with a guest and interviews them on subjects such as technology, design, marketing, and business.

Each episode is guaranteed to be different from the last. With a wide range of interests, Do engages each guest on a wide range of subjects, from the nitty gritty of content marketing and cold calling to aspirational subjects such as how to build your own dream job from scratch.

Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin

In the marketing world, Seth Godin needs no introduction. However for someone who built his career sharing marketing wisdom, his podcast makes little mention of it. Rather, it focuses on the culture we live in and how we can shape it.

No less interesting or educational, episodes of Akimbo are typically 30 minutes long and cover fascinating subjects such as the future of AI, and how monopoly and industrialism shape our culture and beliefs.

HBR IdeaCast

The Harvard Business Review has been one of the leading magazines for businesses leaders all around the world. Their IdeaCast podcast continues this trend.

Featuring business leaders from around the globe, each episode dives into important details of running a business. Strategy consultants explain the benefits of subscription business models, management professors teach listeners how to negotiate remotely, and relationship experts explore the benefits of developing close friendships at work.

After each episode, listeners are left with practical skills and ideas that they can implement at work or in their business.

Working Without Pants

Any agency owner interested in winning more clients and getting better clients for their business should be listening to Working Without Pants.

Working Without Pants is the podcast for agency owners and consultants who are wanting to win more clients and better clients for their business.

Each week, Jake Jorgovan interviews industry leaders and experts specifically on how to win more clients. Past episodes have discussed subjects such as how to get a meeting with anyone, to the skills required to build an industry leading agency.

The Accidental Creative

The mental labour involved in being creative every day is something people outside of creative industries don’t fully understand.

The Accidental Creative touches on subjects like inspiration, procrastination and career aspirations, with guests speaking on anything from mindfulness and mental health to leadership philosophies and business acumen.

This podcast is ideal listening any time you’re feeling stuck. One part creative and one part motivational speaker, host Todd Henry talks less about industry trends and how-tos, and more about practical life skills to keep you happy, healthy and motivated.

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