[New Release] Introducing Function Point’s New Interactive Gantt

Visualize Every Step of Your Project

Visualizing work in a Gantt view is the easiest way to identify bottlenecks during planning, and with Function Point’s new interactive Gantt, all you have to do is click, move, and drop tasks to rearrange them to your project’s timeline.

Our Gantt view takes your project and creates a simple display of each task’s start and finish date, as well as any dependent task it may have. Now you can adjust dates on the Gantt view by simply dragging and dropping tasks and task groups. We’ve also introduced a nifty feature to account for days your office is closed, so your team isn’t planning into weekends and holidays.

1. Complex Projects, One Easy-to-View Place

The schedule is a key component of any successful project, so we’ve made it easy to visualize all the information you need at a glance. See the date span of each task or task group, who’s assigned to the task, and toggle between a weekly or monthly view of the schedule depending on the level of detail you need.

2. Drag-and-Drop Dependencies For Your Projects

Working on a project without adding task dependencies is like making a cake without adding baking powder – you could do it, but it’s going to flop. With interactive Gantt view, dependencies are preserved even if you drag and drop tasks around the Gantt. Each dependency that conflicts with another task is represented by an orange line to ensure your schedule flows smoothly from start to finish.

Gantt Dependency

3. Stop Fighting Project Fires

Project timelines often evolve as the project progresses, meaning tasks or task groups need to be moved around, created, or cancelled. With interactive Gantt view you can do all this with a single click, drag and drop of the task to a different start and end date range. Generate start and end dates for tasks right within Gantt, and if you need to adjust how long a task is going to take, simply drag the start or end date to make the adjustment.

Getting Started with Interactive Gantt

Login and navigate to any schedule in your system to click the ‘Gantt View’ button. If you don’t have a Function Point account, take a test drive through Function Point to try out interactive Gantt.

Learn more about interactive Gantt in the FP resource library.

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