How Internal Creative Agencies Gain From a Workflow Management System

Just because you’re an internal agency, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from workflow management system!

Here at FP we enjoy working with many internal creative agencies or marketing teams. These groups don’t invoice their clients, as the client is usually another department of the same company. Why, you might ask, would a group like this need FP? Lots of reasons!

Keeping Tracking of Time

Even if you’re all part of the same company, it’s still important to be able to show just how busy you are, and how long assigned work takes to complete. Function Point’s time tracking system allows you to easily see on what your department is spending its time on and by how much.

Making the case for a bigger creative team can be a difficult conversation – what better way to prove how badly you need more bodies than with reports and visuals of current staff workload, and history of time tracked by person, staff role, type of work, and even within a date range, that is available through FP’s timesheet and reporting system:

We all want to feel appreciated, and show our value. Using Function Point allows you to associate dollar values to the work you perform, even if you won’t be invoicing for it. It’s great for every department using your creative services to see to financial value of what you do so they can better make decisions about what projects to prioritize.

Helping Solve the Mess of Communication

Being part of an internal, and perhaps a small team, may lead you to think that sticky notes, or throwing paper planes at one another, is sufficiently organized communications. But, actually being a small team often means that your resources are stretched to the max and you need to be even more efficient that other larger teams. A workflow management system like Function Point helps get and keep you organized by giving you everything you need in one place, accessible at all times, with records to look back on as needed.

Being in a small team can also mean that you need to keep an eagle eye on workloads, and share the load amongst your creative team in real time so that your team can keep up with changes and don’t get overloaded and burn out. Function Point allows internal agencies to keep track of work as it comes in, distribute it accordingly and keep up to date on constant changes.

Just because your client may be down the hall, instead of down the street, does not mean they won’t be pushing a deadline or three. Save time and keep track of deadlines and milestones with fp.’s pre-built scheduling templates that allow the creative team and even your internal client the exact schedule of a project.

We hope you’ll find these to be a few great reasons to consider implementing a workflow management software like FP in your own internal creative agency. If you want to know if you are ready for a workflow management system you might want to check out our ebook below or check out another blog on how internal agencies can benefit from agency management software.

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