Innovating in an advertising agency

Every creative director or managing partner in the advertising world understands the importance to innovate in order to be competitive and win new businesses on a daily basis. I would say that the ability to innovate is a vital core competency your advertising agency must have to be successful in today’s competitive landscape. However, managing innovation is a difficult process that involves takings risks and in a lot of cases change management. 

In today’s blog I would like to focus on three different key reasons to innovate in your creative agency: motivate your team, generate profit and build growth and, to survive in the marketplace.

  1. Motivate and energize your team – when innovation is part of your creative agency DNA, you automatically motivate your internal team and attract new top talent to your firm. Having great people working for you is a must-have competitive advantage and great talent look for ad agencies that allow them to develop and implement new ideas.
  2. Generate profit and build growth – another reason innovation is crucial for your advertising agency is to achieve sustained growth and profitability. Creative firms that excel at innovation are also far more profitable than companies that do not. For instance, if you create an innovative ad campaign for a client, they will probably increase sales, market share, etc… Consequently, your ad agency will have the ability to charge more for its creative services and enhance profitability.
  3. Survive in the market place – innovating just gives you the ability to stay alive and survive in the creative world. We see more and more design firms that fail to create value for their clients and they end up disappearing from the marketplace. Ad agencies, web development companies, and design firms need to create innovative services if they want to succeed and become a real strategic partnership with their clients.

Next time you are reviewing your business strategy with your agency partners don’t forget to review the importance of innovation and how applying innovation will make your agency stand out in the crowd!

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