How your advertising agency manages new sales leads and prospects?

Small and medium sized creative agencies quite often receive so many new sales leads that it can’t be difficult to properly manage all these opportunities without a software in place. Having said that, the first question comes to mind: “Do we need to buy another software in addition to our traffic and workflow management we already have? or “Do we need to use a specific CRM system such as to help us manage new opportunities?”.

I would say no! The ideal situation would be to have a workflow management software with a built-in CRM capability. Thus, you can use only one system to manage not only your current projects, clients, vendors, but also prospects and sales opportunities.

At Function Point, we understand how difficult it is to properly manage new sales leads so we decided to build a robust CRM module into our traffic management software. For instance, your account executive receives a call, speak with a new prospect and right away enter all the information related to this new opportunity into the Function Point system. Below is a screen shot of our company details page outlining the most important information about a new sales lead.

Under the company type, you can customize the drop down list and use for prospects, suppliers, clients, freelancers, etc… Qualification levels will help you to manage your sales funnel and really understand what stage of the sales cycle your prospect is. For instance, you can use different terminology such as Introduction, Shown Portfolio, Proposal Stage, etc… Keep in mind that Function Point allows you to create different categories under the qualification level so you can use the same jargon you currently use at your ad agency.

Our clients also have the ability to create customize fields such as Twitter and LinkedIn accounts or any other category that may be important for your account executives to better manage their sales pipeline.

Next time you look for a traffic and workflow management system for your advertising agency, don’t forget to make sure they also offer a CRM component so you don’t have to buy another software to help you with CRM, sales leads and new opportunities.

If you would like to learn more about our CRM module of Function Point, please give us a call and one of our account executives will be more than happy to show you a live demo of our system. Happy sales!


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