How workflow has changed and how it affects your creative agency

Before the use of computers became accessible to the agency’s entire team, you relied on a small number of people that had access to documentation in order to get information about the work in progress. Workflow in an agency was not as smooth and seamless as it can be nowadays.

Second Wind, an association for small to medium sized creative agencies, calls this a re-engineering of the agency workflow. Information is now accessible by everyone in the agency, and in real time.

“The old workflow process:

  • Open a job
  • Set-up a schedule
  • Complete an estimate
  • Post time
  • Issue purchase orders to outside vendors
  • Produce the invoice
  • Post to the general ledger

The new workflow process:

  • Open a job
  • Put creative input online for all to see
  • Set-up a schedule
  • Complete an estimate
  • Everyone posts their own time
  • Posting of all ongoing client contact reports online for all to see
  • Issue purchase orders to outside vendors
  • Post change orders online for all to see and react to
  • Estimate v. actual is available for all to both see their work and keep with within budget
  • Produce an invoice
  • Post to the general ledger”

What this means for creative agencies

The new era of workflow means that all the information you need goes through the agency quickly and efficiently. You will not be as likely to run into hurdles that may delay your task, job or project. To achieve this goal, it is highly recommend by Second Wind to adopt a workflow management software.

The software can help you complete all the phases of your work mentioned above, plus allow you have a broad view of what is going on, who is responsible for the work, what the status of any work is, recent purchase orders and so on. All the information needed is online and accessible by all, helping people become more productive, saving time and allowing your team to focus on what you are paid for. You will also estimate more accurately and make more consistent strategic decisions.

A workflow software can help you understand more about your business and the scope of everyone’s work. You will also be able to see clearly see how certain jobs are affecting the company as a whole.

If you want to improve your productivity, try to understand more what a workflow management software can do for you, do not hesitate to leave a comment or ask a question.


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